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Please join me in making a difference by visiting my fundraising page on Thirst Relief's website & making a donation.

Every ten dollars donated to Thirst Relief provides clean water for at least 25 years for one person.

http://http://www.thirstrelief.org/ http://www.thirstrelief.org/ http://thirstrelief.org/


In an effort to give back, I am opening up one extra spot at each MJ2Day workshop. The registration fee for this "plus one" spot will go in its entirety to benefit Thirst Relief International -- a non-profit organization whose mission is to overcome death and disease resulting from the consumption of contaminated water by providing safe, clean drinking water to those in need around the world.

Every $10 donated to Thirst Relief provides clean drinking water for 25 years to one individual in need. You can LITERALLY save a life with the cost of a movie ticket.

The money raised from this "plus one" spot at each workshop will provide clean water for 120-130 people.